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Auto Electrics



Our Qualified Team Will Assist With

Advanced Automotive Diagnostics

We use the latest advanced automotive diagnostic technology, seeking out the core of the problem. Pairing advanced tech with experienced technicians ensures long lasting solutions and a thorough repair. We perform specialist diagnostic testing and programming on all makes and models.

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Repairs

We specialise in ABS repairs and programming. Your vehicle’s ABS system is an important piece of safety tech designed to give you greater control under hard braking and wet conditions, reducing the risk of accident from brake locking and skidding. We carry out accurate ABS testing by qualified technicians with ABS experience, necessary to keep you in control behind the wheel.

SRS Air Bag System Diagnostics & Repairs

Your vehicle’s SRS Module is the artificial intelligence that determines when to deploy your airbags in the event of an accident. It extracts data from multiple crash sensors and decides whether the impact warrants a deployment. Your safety is paramount! We have the right tech to diagnose faults, if a problem is detected, we can assist in bringing things back up to code. We can also provide SRS module Crash Data Resetting programming and coding for most types of SRS module..

Electronic Fuel Injection Diagnostics & Repairs

Your car’s EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system is complex and needs to be maintained to ensure optimum fuel economy and performance. Issues with idling or starting are an indication of a problem with your car’s EFI system. Our experienced technicians can assist with diagnosis and correction of issues with your car’s EFI system.  

Cooling Systems

Effective cooling is necessary to keep your car’s engine from overheating and to avoid costly engine repairs. Your car’s complex cooling system plays the integral role in keeping your engine cool. Operating an engine in extreme weather conditions or under a heavy load like towing a caravan can affect the vehicle’s cooling capacity. We can assist with high performance cooling solutions and make sure your engine has the cooling it needs.Issues with an interior cooling? We can assist there too.  

Dual Battery Systems & Brake Controllers

We’ll keep you powered up off road! When you are off the beaten track and need to power the essentials like the beer fridge. We can supply and install a dual battery system to fit all your recreational power needs. We can also help out with supply and install of electric brake controllers to bring your caravan or trailer up to compliance.  

Central Locking Repairs

Whether your central locking has completely failed, or you have an intermittent problem with a particular door, we have the experience to repair most central locking systems including advanced keyless entry system or manual central locking systems.  

Power Window Repairs

Window won’t go up or down? Unfortunately, car window regulators sometimes give up and you are left with a car window that won't open or close. We’ll help sort out the issue. We specialist fit electric window motors, regulators and actuator mechanisms and switches in most makes and models..  

Alternator & Starter Motor Rebuilds & Replacements

For the most part, when a modern automotive part fails, it can be difficult to justify rebuilding and repairing it compared to getting a replacement piece with a new part warranty. We give the option of rebuilding and repairing alternators and starter motors where there’s part scarcity on an older vehicle, or it’s more economically feasible to do a simple repair rather than replace the entire unit. We’ll consider your options and recommend the best solution for you.

What Our Customers Say

Chris has always been a legend, always takes time to explain what he has done, why and how (for those of us who don't have a great understanding of cars). I have never felt like I was getting ripped off, if anything it often feels like he not charging enough for the service he provides. Would recommend to anybody looking for a genuine mechanic with great price and attention to detail.

Extremely professional, friendly and genuine service. No request was too much for them and I kept moving the goal posts when setting up my ute to hook up a camper trailer. Even went as far as to fix an issue with the trailer just to get the setup right. Couldn't recommend highly enough and I will definitely be back!

Nationwide Guarantee

Bosch Car service and repairs are backed by a 12 months/  20,000kms nationwide warranty from over 200 Bosch Car Service workshops across Australia.

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