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Car Service


Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Service & Repairs

Our friendly professional team of experts will help you with all your automotive concerns. We’ll take the time to explain the issues and keep you well informed along the way. Pairing comprehensive expertise and latest diagnostic technologies, ensures your vehicle stays in Ultimate condition.

Hybrid Service & Repairs

Your Hybrid vehicle is in good hands. We have the tools and expertise to meet the complex Hybrid mechanical systems of your car. Qualified technicians will carry out Hybrid works according to your vehicle’s manufacturer specifications.  

Log Book Service

Our fully certified technicians mean your new car warranty is safe with us. We service your vehicle just as the manufacturer intended and validation stamp your logbook keeping your new car warranty intact. Want logbook service reassurance? We’ve got you!  

Engine Management System Repairs & Tuning

Your vehicle’s EMS (Engine Management System) is the tech that controls your electronic fuel injection and air intake systems of your car.  We can assist with complete EMS repairs and tuning to gain optimum performance and better fuel economy from your vehicle’s EMS.  

Safety Inspections

Need to know the safety status of your vehicle? Our qualified team can assist with safety inspections and roadworthy certificates. We are licensed and Qld Transport approved to perform a full inspection and document your car’s safety condition.  

ABS Brake Diagnostics & Repairs

Your car’s ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) is one of the most important safety systems fitted to your vehicle. Your ABS is designed to give you greater control under hard braking and wet conditions, reducing the risk of accident from brake locking and skidding. Regular inspections of your car’s ABS are necessary to keep you in control behind the wheel.  

Clutch Replacements

Clutch wear and tear can cause your car’s gear selection to underperform, making your vehicle harder to control. Once a problem is diagnosed, we are well equipped to carry out the necessary repairs, replacement or upgrade of your vehicles clutch system.  

Automatic Transmission + CVT + DSG Service

Replacing a Vehicle’s transmission can be costly, it’s best to keep your car’s transmission well maintained. With your transmission it’s all about preventative maintenance, reducing the risk of a costly repairs. Let our experts keep on top of your car’s transmission condition, we’ll give it the care it needs.    

Suspension Diagnostics & Repairs  

Your car’s suspension condition is important to keep your car stable and maintain smooth safe handling on the road. We run a comprehensive checklist of tests and provide an expert review of your car’s suspension performance. We can assist with targeting an issue and following out the necessary repairs for a smooth and safe suspension system.    

Nationwide Guarantee

Bosch Car service and repairs are backed by a 12 months/  20,000kms nationwide warranty from over 200 Bosch Car Service workshops across Australia.

Want service reassurance when you are far from home?

We’ve got you!

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